Flower Petal Info Sheet



What is rose/flower petal bead jewelry?

Roses, or any type of flower, are crushed, mixed, and rolled by hand to make a true one of a kind piece designed to wear every day as beautiful fashion jewelry.  All of my flower petal jewelry is handmade from your flowers.  Each individual bead will show all of the variegated colors from your flower petals!  I also make nonjewelry items such as key chains, bookmarks, and rear-view mirror charms.


How many roses/flowers do I need?

I need 1 rose or flower (equal to the size of a standard rose) for each piece of jewelry. Bringing more than one flower is welcome to assure I have enough petals.


What condition do my flowers need to be in?

I prefer to work with fresh flowers. I will work with dried flowers, but keep in mind that they start to change their color as they dry. The color I receive them will be close to the color they will be after made into beads. The fresher the flower, the brighter and more “true” color they will be. The best way to keep your flowers fresh until you can get them to me is to cut off the stems, put the flowers in a Ziploc bag, get all the air out, seal it, and store it in the refrigerator.  Do not put any type of water or wet paper towel in the bag as this will cause them to mold. It is ok if they start to wilt, fall apart, or get smashed. If you are shipping your flowers from far away, please call for specific instructions.


Will my beads be the same color as my flower?

Yes, with a few exceptions. I do not use any dyes or paints. Your beads will be close to your flower’s natural color. Most flowers tend to get slightly darker. Some beads will have a “speckled” appearance. This is natural as these are crushed flower pieces and each individual flower petal has many different color variations.


What is the time frame for completion?

Usually 8 weeks. If different, I will let you know.