About Us

Angie Fenstermaker

My name is Angie Fenstermaker and I am the owner of ReSculpt art studio in Van Buren, OH.  My studio was lovingly designed and constructed by my husband Mark.  I have 3 children Jacob, Ellie, and Parker.  My 4 babies are my black lab Timberwolf Reese, my rescued fat cat Evis Magnolia, my feral cat Prancer Darling (who is my husband’s “normal” girl because he found her in our barn and he only considers barn cats “normal” cats), and our newest member Ace of Spades who was found meowing loudly under our truck as a tiny kitten.

I have enjoyed art my entire life.  It has always been very therapeutic for me.  Before opening my studio, I taught some classes here and there for friends who put some Personal Group Classes together, and I also taught a couple of classes at Van Buren Middle and High Schools.  I have made gifts for people and also done a few fundraisers.  I also have taught the Senior High art interest group at Lakeside for Youth camp for several summers. Collaging, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Glass Fusing are my favorite medias but I dabble in other things and being self-taught means that once I figure out something, I let out my excitement by teaching a class so that you can join with me in being excited in your own piece!

You can contact me by email: angieresculpt@gmail.com